Helping not for profit organizations and Australian charities

Is your Not-For-Profit Organization/Charity planning a fund raising event or just looking for a fun day for the children?

If your NFP organization is for the benefit of children, then we would like to make ourselves available to you. Contact us to see how Professor JellyBean can help at your special day. If you have a date in mind let us know very early so that we can secure a date for you.

Please note that the offer shown above is not about donating money as we already have a number of children’s’ charities and services that we sponsor. The offer above is about donating our time and/or product to make your event extra special.

The team at Professor JellyBean are proud to announce their newest project called the EARTH ACTION PLAN:

We believe children need nature and nature needs children. Our vision is to provide the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to respond to future ecological challenges and support Education for Sustainability. More details about the EARTH ACTION PLAN can be found @ WWW.EARTHACTIONPLAN.COM