NOTE: Our business will be closed from the 10th Sept. to the 20th Sept. 2019 as we attend a family wedding. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Out of School Hours Children Science Workshop

2019 OSHC/Vacation Programs & Pricing 

We are currently creating the 2019 science experiments for the OSHC program. These should be available early February 2019, however, you can still secure your incursion event now.

Professor JellyBean is a very popular option for an OSHC event so we recommend that you secure your booking early. When you phone or email us your preferred event date, we will provide you with a booking number immediately. We will follow up by providing you with full details of your booking confirmation along with our risk assessments and certificate of currency. And to make sure that you don’t think we ever forget you, we will reconfirm your booking details about 2 weeks prior to the holiday period. Then expect a phone call from Professor JellyBean one day before your event ( or if your event is on a Monday, we will call on the Friday) to touch base and reconfirm the number of children participating.

We want to make sure you stay well informed of your event and that all necessary paperwork is provided.

 Is the thought of paper work for an incursion event stressing you out !?!

Risk Assessments

  • Information in a readily understood format
  • Provided for every science activity prior to your event
  • Making your job easier
  • Compliant with the WHS Act and Regulations