Freaky Fun Science Mission

We aim to stay unique :

We have an extremely talented and experienced team working at Professor JellyBean that brainstorms to create the science activities in a way never seen or experienced before. We always strive to be different in the most fun way possible! And at the same time it’s wonderful to know that children will learn a bit more about their world while having fun.

We aim to provide an excellent service :

We have an efficient booking system at our head office which ensures quality service at the initial stage. Our booking procedures are prompt and communicated clearly. We are honest and friendly.
Professor JellyBean makes organizing your science event successful and fun. We’re here to make your job easy!

We aim to engage children :

Its way more fun when kids get their hands into gooey squishy stuff; create experiments that sparkle and glow with colour; discover new and weird smells. It’s sensory loaded in an entertaining presentation which fully engages children of all ages.

We aim to create a sustainable business :

It’s something we are passionate about and realize how important this is for the next and future generations. We are continually finding ways to ensure we follow sustainable practises within the Professor JellyBean business.

Visit to see the sustainable schools action plan we are currently developing.

We aim to be a charitable business :

Professor JellyBean puts smiles on children’s faces and we love being in the position to help kids. Read more on our “Helping Charities” page to see how we can help at your next fund raising event.