Pre prep 3 to 5 years

Mini Professors

The MINI PROFESSOR’S SCIENCE WORKSHOP is not a show but it is a really fun “HANDS ON” science experience for each child participating. Plus they take home what they create!

The Mini Professor’s Science Workshop is for children aged 3 to 5 years old; understandably there may be a few children slightly younger than 3 years of age in the class and this is okay for them to participate. However we politely request that you do not organise the event for classes where the children are predominately under the age of three.

Maximum class/group size is 25 children. More than one class can be organized for the day, however, Professor JellyBean will require 20 to 30 minutes clean up & set up between each class.

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The science activities involves the children in two experiments which will run for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Every experimenting child will receive the Professor JellyBean safety goggles to wear. The children will keep the science experiments that they create which is sure to provide some interesting conversations when they show their creations to their family. Here’s what the kids will be creating:

FREAKY GOO WORMS Mini Professors Freaky Goo Worms

This is the most amazing chemical change that the children will experience. The young scientists will use all of their observational senses (except taste!) to create these amazing neon coloured worms. In an instant the worms are created by changing the goo to a solid. You have to see it to believe it! The kids will be amazed to learn that their Freaky Goo is made from seaweed and is used to make some ice creams and gummy lollies.  They’ll have a blast making heaps of Freaky Goo Worms-fat worms, skinny worms, short worms & long worms.

Slimy Ice:

This science activity is all about seeing and feeling a ‘physical change’ Children mix up a clear slime solution with our ‘never melting’ snow to make slime that looks like oozing ice. Squish it Squeeze it! Kids love the feel of this special slime.


When Professor JellyBean arrives, ensure there are tables & chairs set up (either in or outside-your choice) for the children to work at. While Professor JellyBean sets up, it would be appreciated if the children do not sit at the tables. When Professor JellyBean finishes setting up, she will have a quick chat to the children on the mat (sitting on the floor) area. Before moving to the tables, they will learn about being a scientist, receive information and simple instructions about their activity and they will be provided with a lab coat to wear.


At the end of each workshop, the lab coats and safety goggles will be collected and the children are usually asked to sit back on the mat. Professor JellyBean will finish up their program here by asking a few fun questions and saying goodbye to the young scientists.


Safe non-toxic Experiments, No nut/dairy/or egg products used.

Public Liability and Blue Card.

Risk assessment.

Payment is a per day fee (allows for up to 50 children in the day and/or 2 classes) Maximum class size is 25 children. Additional children will be charged @ $8/child

Please adhere to the age requirements for these workshops-3 to 5 years old

PROFESSOR JELLYBEAN Mini Professor’s Workshop



Mini Professor Science Workshop–2 experiments

45 to 60 minutes (dependent on class size and capabilities)


for up to 2 classes

(max. class size: 25 children) We can negotiate for larger classes.

If you have more than 2 classes, add an extra $79.00 for each additional class

Please note: As of 2019, there will be an additional travel charge of $50.00 for centers located within the Gold Coast region.
  • Fun & interactive science activities hosted by Professor JellyBean
  • Children dress up in lab coats and safety glasses
  • Every child participates and takes home their activity

Pre-Prep Science Workshop FAQ’s :

Q) Are you a show that the children sit down and watch?

A) No, we don’t call the Professor JellyBean workshops a show because the children are the ones creating the science activities. Professor JellyBean is fun and entertaining but she demonstrates the activities to the children with easy to follow step by step visual instructions.

Q) Are the experiments safe?

A) Yes, safety is our policy. We understand that some young children like to put things into their mouths which is why we choose safe and non-toxic ingredients. Some of our activities even use food grade ingredients (but we still don’t eat it). We provide you with all of the necessary risk assessments. We realize that there are some children with unusual allergies so we strongly encourage you to inform the parents of the ingredients we use.

Q) Do the experiments contain nut, dairy or egg?

A) No. We provide you with a complete list of ingredients that we use when we conduct the science activities.

Q) Can we take photos?

A) Absolutely but be prepared for funny faces made by Professor JellyBean!

Q) What do we need to supply?

A) Have tables and chairs for the children to work at. There is usually no need to rearrange the room for the activities, however, if the tables and chairs need to be moved, Professor JellyBean will help to find the best arrangement.

Q) Will Professor JellyBean require assistance?

A) Assisting the young scientists to button up their labs coats would be helpful. If Professor JellyBean requires help throughout the activities, she will definitely ask. It may just be to pass out an item or two to the children. The workshops are conducted at a relaxed pace for the children to have maximum enjoyment.

Q)Do you require power?


Q)Is it messy?

A) As with most fun things, it can sometimes be messy so we recommend that the activities do not take place on a carpeted area. Any mess made is easily cleaned up. The snow is rather slippery when it is on smooth surfaced floors, so this should be cleaned up promptly

Q)What is the minimum/maximum group/class size?

A) There is no minimum group size as we charge a per day fee no matter how many children attend. The maximum group size is 25 children; however, Professor JellyBean can conduct more than one workshop for the day. If you have small classes and would like to combine the classes for one group, this is okay so long as the maximum group size is not exceeded. Professor JellyBean will require a 15 to 30 minute clean up and set up in between each group/class.

Q)How do we pay?

A) We provide you with a tax invoice at the time of booking and payment for the Mini Professors Science Workshops (Pre-Preps) must be paid in full prior to the event. Payment options are: Cheque payable to Professor JellyBean, Cash on the day or EFT. If paying by cheque or EFT, please ensure payment reaches our accounts prior to your event.