Primary School Rates

2019 Primary Science Workshops 

Payment is a per class fee, with a minimum daily fee of $547.00/day

Please note that as of 2019, we will be charging an additional $50 transportation fee to centres/schools located within the Gold Coast region.

Professor JellyBean Science Workshop

Workshop Duration

(Per Class)

Number Of Experiments

(Per Class)

Cost Per Class
Maximum class size
of 30 children
(gst incl)

Workshop (A)

Neon Freaky Goo Worms & Seed Bombs

Prep, Yr. 1, 2, 3 & 4

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1 hour



Workshop (B)

Ocean Slime & Sea Foam

To be advised

Prep, Yr. 1, 2, 3 & 4

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1 hour



Workshop (C)

‘Never-Melting’ Snowball & The Sun, a Bundle of Energy

Prep, Yr. 1, 2, 3 & 4

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1 hour



What’s included in the workshops?

  • Fun & interactive science activities hosted by Professor JellyBean
  • Children dress up in lab coats and safety glasses
  • Every child participates and takes home their activity
  • Resource sheets
  • Science gift for all of the children at the end of the Professor JellyBean workshop. The gift is usually the safety glasses, however, if we are out of stock, then there will be a different gift provided to the children

Invoice provided at the time of booking; payment due by date of the event

Primary Science Workshop FAQ’s :

Q) Are you a show that the children sit down and watch?

A) No, we don’t call the Professor JellyBean workshops a show because the children are the ones creating the science activities. Professor JellyBean is fun and entertaining but she demonstrates the science activities to the children with clear step by step instructions. The workshops emphasize interaction.

Q) Are the experiments safe?

A) Yes, safety is our policy. All foreseeable hazards are eliminated or closely monitored. We provide you with all of the necessary risk assessments. We realize that there are some children with unusual allergies so we strongly encourage you to inform the parents of the ingredients we use.

Q) Do the experiments contain nut, dairy or egg?

A) No. We provide you with a complete list of ingredients that we use when we conduct the science activities.

Q) Can we take photos?

A) Absolutely but be prepared for funny faces made by Professor JellyBean!

Q) What do we need to supply?

A) Have tables and chairs (optional) for the children to work at. There is usually no need to rearrange the room for the activities.

Q) Where is the best place to have the workshops?

A) Each workshop has two activities and the first science activity can be conducted in a normal classroom setting, hall or outside where tables are set up. Professor JellyBean can move from class to class but the ideal situation would be for you to set up tables in one area: A classroom, a hall, an outside undercover area or another room where the children come to Professor JellyBean.

For the second activity (EfS workshop), we would love to take the kids outside! We will provide details on how we  prepare the children to head outside. If your school has an outdoor learning environment, let’s go there. Otherwise, any area, near some dirt, will make for an enriching experience! If heading outside will not be possible, this is okay as we can still conduct the second activity where we do the first one

It can get a bit messy at times so we do not recommend a carpeted area. If Professor JellyBean will be required to move from class to class, then she will need a maximum of 30 minutes between each class to clean up and set up. If Professor JellyBean is set up in on area with the children coming to her, then she will require a maximum of 15 minutes for the cleanup and set up. Please consider the location when considering the workshop session times.

Q) We are having more than one class participate for the day. How do we work out the workshop session times?

A) Provide us with your class session times and we can help you to schedule in all of the participating classes. We can even come out over a few days if required to fit in all of the classes.

Q) Will Professor JellyBean require assistance?

A) It’s unlikely that Professor JellyBean will require additional help conducting the science activities as she will have her assistant with her on the day. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring the children are behaving appropriately and listening to the instruction.

Q) Do you require power?

A) No.

Q) What is the maximum group/class size?

A) The maximum group size is 30 children; however, Professor JellyBean can conduct more than one workshop for the day. She will require a 15 to 30 minute clean up and set up in between each group/class.

Q) How do we pay?

A) We provide you with a tax invoice at the time of booking the Professor JellyBean Science Workshops. Payment is due by the date of your event. Payment options are: Cheque payable to Professor JellyBean, Cash on the day or EFT. Please ensure cheque and EFT payments will reach our accounts department by the due date.