Educational Science Workshops for primary aged children

Primary workshops that provide children with the excitement of scientific discovery while expanding their natural curiosity for the world around them.

Please Note: The PDF information sheets of the workshops below, still show 2018 pricing. Our pricing of the workshops has been updated for 2019 to $279.50/class


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Seed Bombs

Neon Freaky Goo Worms

WORKSHOP (B): Ocean Slime & Sea Foam. Click to download details

Sea Foam

Ocean Slime

WORKSHOP (C): ‘Never-Melting’ Snowball & The Sun, a Bundle of Energy.

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‘Never-Melting’ SnowBalls

Rainbow Peepholes

  • Safe & Educational
  • Select your Workshop to complement your learning unit
  • Look for our Education for Sustainability (EfS) logo when selecting your workshop
  • Education for Sustainability

    Education for Sustainability

  • Risk Assessment, Blue Card & Certificate of Currency provided

Each workshop has two science activities and the first activity can be conducted in a normal classroom setting, hall or outside where tables are set up. Professor JellyBean can move from class to class but the ideal situation would be for you to set up tables in one area: A classroom, a hall, an outside undercover area or another room where the children come to Professor JellyBean.

For the second activity , we would love to take the kids outside! (Not an option with workshop B). Click for details on preparing for the OUTDOOR SCIENCE WORKSHOP If your school has an outdoor learning environment, let’s go there. Otherwise, any area, near some soil, will make for an enriching experience! If heading outside will not be possible, this is okay as we can still conduct the second activity where we do the first one

It can get a bit messy at times so we do not recommend a carpeted area. If Professor JellyBean will be required to move from class to class, then she will need a maximum of 30 minutes between each class to clean up and set up. If Professor JellyBean is set up in on area with the children coming to her, then she will require a maximum of 15 minutes for the cleanup and set up. Please consider the location when considering the workshop session times.

Maximum group size is 30 children/class-(1 class at a time)