Get into Science

2018 Primary Science Workshops & Education for Sustainability Science Workshops NOW available 

There are many amazing things to discover and learn about science. Children have a natural curiosity for science.

The Professor JellyBean science workshops are presented in a positive and unique manner creating a significant learning experience.

Dressing up in lab coats and colourful safety glasses are all part of the experience.

The children take home their science activities to share their memories and knowledge with their families. They are especially thrilled when they receive a special gift from Professor JellyBean at the end of the workshops.

The Professor JellyBean science workshops fully engage the children in fun and interactive science activities to enhance their knowledge. The activities allow the children to use as many of their senses as possible as “it is through the sensory pathways that the brain interprets and creates its knowledge structures.” (


Is the thought of paper work for an incursion event stressing you out !?!

Risk Assessments

  • Information in a readily understood format
  • Provided for every science activity prior to your event
  • Making your job easier
  • Compliant with the WHS Act and Regulations