Meet the Professors – Your Children’s  Fun Science Hosts

Alicia Wall has joined the Professor JellyBean Team!  Alicia has been working with Professor JellyBean over the past 2 years but now she has joined the team full time as one of our Professor JellyBean Hosts.

Below are the Founders and Creators of Professor JellyBean. We look forward to see you all at your next event!



Yes, the other Professor JellyBean is my Mum! I’ve spent a few years behind the scenes working at “Professor JellyBean” but now I really love that I’m getting out and about visiting the schools, the vacation care centres and hosting science parties.

Prior to being Professor JellyBean, I worked in early childhood at Harmony Montessori. It was a hard decision to leave my teaching role there because I loved watching the children learn and watching them grow up.

I’ve recently spent a year travelling the world. One of the highlights was working in a remote African school. It was a wonderful experience interacting with the children and seeing how they find such joy and amazement in the simplest of things.

I have a young daughter now and she’s just one of the best little things ever! She’s my “Mini Jelly Bean”

So now as Professor JellyBean, I love when I can engage children in our science activities. I hear it often but never get tired of hearing it:

“I thought science was boring but this was awesome!”

PS: My favourite jelly beans are the GREEN ones-just because it’s my favourite colour!

Born in Canada and sailing to Australia as a teenager, I’ve since raised my own family of 4 Aussie children on the Sunshine Coast, QLD (By the way, Marissa Ward is my eldest child). Australia is one of the best places in the world to bring up a family and I constantly recognize how fortunate I am to create my life here.

My interests are many but I am very passionate about providing children with a positive memorable childhood so I created Professor JellyBean in 2005.

After having worked with the Red Cross in a Family Support Program, I discovered how engaging science experiments were for children of any age. This was when I started brainstorming to create Professor JellyBean.

My background in Art has enabled me to create science activities that are truly unique and heaps of fun. Additionally, while working many years with children means the Professor JellyBean team knows how to communicate with children in a positive manner.

Over the years, Professor JellyBean has evolved and grown; engaging thousands of children each year in a very unique form of science.

Best thing I love hearing from the kids when they’ve had a day with Professor JellyBean:

“This is the best day of my life!”

I absolutely LOVE my job and I thank every one of you that gives us the opportunity to participate in creating these wonderful childhood memories.