Freaky Fun Science Workshops for Kids

New 2019 OSHC Science Workshop !

 Science Workshops for children 5 years and older

Available from the Easter Holidays (2019) through to the Dec (2019)/Jan (2020) holiday period

Professor JellyBean Science is no ordinary Science: It’s gooey, it’s squishy, it’s creative and it’s the most disgusting fun kids will ever have! We love that all of the children get involved, get dressed up in lab coats and goggles, get their hands messy and at the end of the day take home what they create.

A maximum group size is 35 children. If your centre exceeds this number of children, then we will run more than one group for the day, with a 30 minute clean up and set up between each group. At the time of booking please ensure you let us know if you expect your numbers to exceed 35 children. We want to ensure that we will be able to secure enough sessions for your event.

Pricing found for all School Holiday Workshops on the OSHC Price page.



And for our 3rd experiment if you choose Workshop B:


More details to be provided